User Content Policy

This “User Content Policy” was last modified on 06th Nov 2017

The word “Content” stands for including but not limited to TEXTS, IMAGES, PHOTOGRAPHS, VIDEOS, INFORMATION OF ANY KIND.

Our user content policy allows every user of this site to post contents such as Images, Text information, Videos, Profile details, Comments, Forums or any other useful legal contents. Whatever the content posted by users it should be legal and follow our terms and conditions.

User Rights

Users always have the right to claim copyright of their own content, But by sharing your “user” content through our service in any manner, including, but not limited to, visiting or browsing the Site or downloading content or contributing content or sharing any materials to the Site, you allow the other users to VIEW, EDIT, UPDATE, SHARE your own content but you only have the copyright of your own content.

Though you have the copyright of your content, You grant us the multiple rights to use your content.

Our Rights

We have the authority to EDIT, DELETE, UPDATE, USE, COPY your content under any circumstances. Whatever the content published, shared by us, those contents are always under our copyright. WE DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF LICENSE DEVELOPED BY OTHER THAN US; WE USE OUR OWN LICENSE/POLICY.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the any user’s content and our content, any informational and instructional text or any content posted and shared by users including our content may need correction or improvement or the content can contain wrong information, mistakes.

Eligibility to Post/Share contents

The user must be 15+ years of age to post or share their contents. Any users with age less than 15 years are not allowed to include their content in our website.

Terms for Posting or Sharing Contents

In order to establish quality of our website and service, users should obey/agree with these conditions before posting, sharing their own content, if you do not agree with these terms do not use our website or service immediately. The terms as follows,

  • The content TEXT/VIDEO/IMAGE/DOCUMENT/ARTICLE should not be taken or copied from any other websites including content which are licensed by CREATIVE COMMONS such as WIKEPEDIA, WIKIHOW or any other website that uses any kind of license.
  • The content TEXT/VIDEO/IMAGE/DOCUMENT/ARTICLE should not violate the copyright policies of the owner if the content is not your own.
  • Sharing or posting your own content is the most recommended one.
  • No links to pirated contents
  • No copied contents from anywhere which are copyright protected by third parties
  • No framing of content
  • No fake URLs

If we found any content which are copied from anywhere on the internet except our website and shared on this website, or if we have received any complaints any copyright infringements, we will remove that particular copied content immediately without any prior notice to the user who posted or shared that copied content.

User Content License Grants

We license all the content published by users and us for non-commercial purpose only. You cannot republish, reproduce the content anywhere other than our website. You can read, watch, see the contents, save on local computer, and share non-commercially through offline. You cannot share the contents anywhere in online or on the internet including social media without our permissions but you may share link to the page of which contains any content.

If there are any questions regarding this “User Content Policy” you may contact us using the contact form.