HS6152 Technical English – II Books, Question bank, Lecture Notes, Syllabus, 2 marks with answers Part A Question Bank with answers Key, Important Part B Questions & HS6152 Technical English – II ANNA UNIVERSITY Question Papers Collection

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HS6152 Technical English – II

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Semester : 02
Department : Civil
Year : 1st Year (I Year)
Regulation : 2013
Subject Code/Name : HS6152 Technical English – II
Content : Question Banks, Books, Lecture Notes, Important Part A 2 Marks Questions and Important Part B 16 Mark Questions 
UNIT I                             
Listening – Listening to informal conversations and participating; Speaking – Opening a conversation (greetings, comments on topics like  weather) – Turn taking –  Closing a conversation (excuses, general wish, positive comment, thanks); Reading – Developing analytical skills, Deductive and inductive reasoning – Extensive reading; Writing – Effective use of SMS for sending short notes and messages –  Using  „emoticons‟  as  symbols  in  email  messages;  Grammar  – Regular and irregular verbs – Active and passive voice; Vocabulary – Homonyms  (e.g.  „can‟)    Homophones (e.g. „some‟, „sum‟); E-materials – Interactive exercise on Grammar and vocabulary – blogging; Language Lab – Listening to different types of conversation and answering questions. 
UNIT II                                 
Listening – Listening to situation based dialogues; Speaking – Conversation practice in real life situations, asking for directions (using polite expressions), giving directions (using imperative sentences), Purchasing goods from a shop, Discussing various aspects of a film (they have already seen) or a book (they have already read); Reading – Reading a short story or an article from newspaper, Critical reading, Comprehension skills; Writing – Writing a review / summary of a story / article, Personal letter (Inviting your friend to a function, congratulating someone for his / her  success,  thanking  one‟s  friends  /  relatives);  Grammar  – modal verbs, Purpose expressions; Vocabulary – Phrasal verbs and their meanings, Using phrasal verbs in sentences; E-materials – Interactive exercises on Grammar and vocabulary, Extensive reading activity (reading stories / novels), Posting reviews in blogs – Language Lab – Dialogues (Fill up exercises), Recording students‟ dialogues.
UNIT III                                    
Listening – Listening to the conversation – Understanding the structure of conversations; Speaking – Conversation skills with a sense of stress, intonation, pronunciation and meaning – Seeking information – expressing feelings (affection, anger, regret, etc.); Reading – Speed reading – reading passages with time limit –  Skimming; Writing – Minutes of meeting – format and practice in the preparation of minutes –  Writing summary after reading articles from journals –  Format for journal articles – elements of technical articles (abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, appendices, references) –  Writing strategies; Grammar – Conditional clauses –  Cause and effect expressions; Vocabulary – Words used as nouns and verbs without any change in the spelling (e.g. „rock‟, „train‟, „ring‟); E-materials – Interactive exercise on Grammar and vocabulary –  Speed Reading practice exercises; Language Lab – Intonation practice using EFLU and RIE materials – Attending a meeting and writing minutes.

UNIT IV                                  
Listening – Listening to a telephone conversation, Viewing model interviews (face-to-face, telephonic and  video conferencing); Speaking – Role play practice in telephone skills – listening and responding, -asking questions, -note taking – passing on messages,  Role play and mock interview for grasping interview skills; Reading – Reading the job advertisements and the profile of the company concerned – scanning; Writing – Applying  for a job – cover letter – résumé preparation – vision, mission and goals of the candidate; Grammar – Numerical expressions –  Connectives (discourse markers); Vocabulary – Idioms and their meanings – using idioms in sentences;   E-materials – Interactive exercises on Grammar and Vocabulary – Different forms of résumés- Filling up a résumé / cover letter; Language Lab – Telephonic interview – recording the responses –  e-résumé writing. 

UNIT V                                                      
Listening  – Viewing a model group discussion and reviewing the performance of each participant –  Identifying the characteristics of a good listener; Speaking – Group discussion skills – initiating the discussion – exchanging suggestions and proposals – expressing dissent/agreement – assertiveness in expressing opinions – mind mapping technique; Reading – Note making skills – making notes from books, or any form of written materials –  Intensive reading; Writing – Checklist – Types of reports – Feasibility / Project report – report format – recommendations / suggestions – interpretation of data (using charts for effective presentation); Grammar – Use of clauses; Vocabulary – Collocation; E-materials – Interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises –  Sample GD –  Pictures for discussion, Interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises; Language Lab – Different models of group discussion.
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Lecture Notes 
HS6251 Technical English II Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Notes Collections 1 – DOWNLOAD 
Part A – 2 Marks
HS6251 Technical English II unit wise 2 marks with Answers
Part B – 16 Marks  

HS6251 Technical English II 

Question Papers
HS6251 Technical English II Previous Year Question Papers 
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  • DOWNLOAD  – HS6251 Technical English II   – November/December 2014 Question Paper
  • DOWNLOAD  – HS6251 Technical English II   – May/June 2015 Question Paper
  • DOWNLOAD  – HS6251 Technical English II   – November/December 2015 Question Paper
Question Banks

HS6251 Technical English II Question Bank 

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