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Download Water Resources and Development By Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse – Efforts to understand and manage water resources have generated a vast literature of books and journals devoted to the topic’s many facets, from the underlying science of hydrology and engineering options available, to the geopolitical problems generated by water scarcity and the adaptive strategies needed to tackle floods and pollution. The literature has demonstrated many different ways of organising our thinking on water. While some take a global perspective, others focus on key regional problem areas, while yet others emphasise distinct water use sectors. To this burgeoning print literature may be added a rapidly growing number of web pages through which national and international agencies and advocacy organisations present current, or at least recent, information on water-resource issues and priorities. It is perhaps a wonder, then, that we ever considered starting this book, and we could be excused for being intimidated by both the volume of existing work and by the challenge of addressing ‘water resources’ coherently, never mind adding the complication of using a development perspective to organise our analysis. We were encouraged by four factors.

First, and undeniably, water is an important topic, not just because it is vital for life, but because it is important in the development of society. This can be demonstrated historically, from the early water-based cultures along the Tigris, Euphrates and the Nile, to the construction of the Dutch polders or the Hoover Dam in the USA.

Second, there is a widely held perception of ‘water in crisis’, an impending Armageddon that threatens an outbreak of water wars as scarcity becomes more acute. While acknowledging the many parts of the world where lack of access to water is a key constraint on human activity or wellbeing, we need to recognise the many examples where this is not the case or where people have successfully adapted and innovated.

A third motivation for this book was to assess critically the extent to which paths followed in the past to tackle water-resource problems in today’s ‘developed’ economies may not be suitable for developing countries today. said by the Authors of this book

Water Resources and Development By Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse – PDF Free Download[PDF] Water Resources and Development By Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse Book Free Download
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Book Contents

  1. Water-management best practice in the twenty-first century
  2. Economic growth, environmental limits and increasing water demand
  3. Climate change and fresh water resources
  4. Water resources in colonial and post-independence agricultural development
  5. Water supply
  6. Water demand
  7. Catchments and conflicts
  8. Water resources and development conclusions

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DOWNLOAD – Water Resources and Development By Clive Agnew and Philip Woodhouse – Free Download PDF




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